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  • Gen: jam band
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 11
  • Year: 1994

Musical album di Phish

Hoist (stylized as (Hoist)) is the fifth official studio album by the American rock band Phish, released on March 29, 1994, by Elektra Records. At the time of its release, Hoist was Phish's best selling album to date.The band suggested a few ideas for the album's title before finally settling on Hoist; one of the alternative suggestions was Hung Like a Horse. The band ruled this out, but decided to keep the visual joke intact for the album's cover. Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 Julius 04:42
2 Down With Disease 04:07
3 If I Could 04:09
4 Riker's Mailbox 00:26
5 Axilla [Part II] 04:28
6 Lifeboy 06:54
7 Sample In a Jar 04:41
8 Wolfman's Brother 04:28
9 Scent Of A Mule 04:02
10 Dog Faced Boy 02:11
11 Demand 10:42