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  • Gen: latin hip hop
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 12
  • Year: 2000
A War Story - Book I

Musical album di The Psycho Realm

A War Story Book I is The Psycho Realm's 2nd album. Unlike their first album this was released under their own Sick Symphonies label. This CD only contains one song with B-Real, unlike their first CD where B-Real was on most of the songs. This was due to his commitment to Cypress Hill and was no longer able to collaborate with the Psycho Realm. On this album they only have two featured guests: Crow from the Street Platoon and of course B-Real on "Show Of Force". Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 The Crazy Area 05:14
2 Order Through Chaos 04:56
3 Pico-Union District 02:43
4 Enemy of the State 04:00
5 Conspiracy Theories 04:28
6 06:28
7 Earthquake Weather 03:01
8 The Wind of Revolution 03:25
9 Moving Through Streets 05:22
10 Street Platoons 06:10
11 Sick Dogs 05:32
12 Show of Force 04:10