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  • Gen: hardcore hip hop
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 15
  • Year: 1995
All We Got Iz Us

Musical album di Onyx

All We Got Iz Us is the second album from hardcore rap group Onyx. It is widely considered to be a great follow up to their classic Bacdafucup, with many fans actually citing it as Onyx's best album. It reached gold sales status despite having no radio-friendly tracks on the album. Turning away from the more humorous approach of their debut, All We Got Iz Us had an overall darker and more serious tone, dealing with subjects such as suicide, heavy substance abuse and racism. Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 Life Or Death 00:48
2 Last Dayz 03:56
3 All We Got Iz Us (Evil Streets) 04:12
4 Purse Snatchaz 04:07
5 Shout 03:47
6 I Murder U 00:22
7 Betta Off Dead 04:04
8 Live Niguz 03:19
9 Punkmotherfukaz 01:00
10 Most Def 03:55
11 Act Up 00:23
12 Getto Mentalitee 04:22
13 2 Wrongs 03:58
14 Maintain 01:56
15 Walk In New York 04:55