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  • Gen: british folk
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 14
  • Year: 2000
Bedlam Born

Musical album di Steeleye Span

Bedlam Born is the 16th studio album by the electric folk band Steeleye Span. It is the second of two albums made by a line-up consisting of Gay Woods, Bob Johnson, Peter Knight, and Tim Harries, and only the second album on which Maddy Prior did not make an appearance. The title refers not to a bedlam, but to Christ's birth in Bethlehem (which is occasionally corrupted to 'Bedlam'). "There is a child in Bedlam born" is a line from "Stephen". Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 Well Done Liar! 04:36
2 Who Told The Butcher 02:58
3 John Of Ditchford 03:44
4 I See His Blood Upon The Rose 05:00
5 Black Swan 01:50
6 The Beggar 03:01
7 Poor Old Soldier 02:22
8 Arbour 01:26
9 There Was A Wealthy Merchant 04:58
10 Beyond The Dreaming Place 03:04
11 We Poor Labouring Men 05:08
12 The Connemara Cradle Song 05:40
13 Stephen 04:27
14 The White Cliffs Of Dover 03:08