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  • Gen: nwobhm
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 9
  • Year: 1991
Behold the Beginning

Musical album di Diamond Head

Behold the Beginning is a compilation album by the heavy metal band Diamond Head. It was released after their poorly received Canterbury album and subsequent break-up and is composed mostly of tracks from the band's debut album, Lightning to the Nations, as well as the non-LP single "Waited Too Long" and its B-side "Play it Loud". The album was remixed by the band's guitarist Brian Tatler.Behold the Beginning was later re-released in 1991 by Heavy Metal Records on CD format. Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 It's Electric 03:26
2 The Prince 06:13
3 Sewet & Innocent 03:37
4 Sucking My Love 09:32
5 Streets of Gold 03:34
6 Play It Loud 03:20
7 Shoot Out the Lights 04:07
8 Waited Too Long 04:32
9 Helpless 06:49