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  • Gen: bubblegum pop
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 13
  • Year: 1988
Bulletin Board

Musical album di The Partridge Family

Bulletin Board (Bell Records Catalog number: Bell #1137) was the last studio album recorded by The Partridge Family and originally released by Bell Records. The album was recorded between July and September 1973 and released in October 1973. Bulletin Board was the first Partridge Family album to fail to chart on the Billboard 200 album chart. "Looking For A Good Time" b/w "Money Money" was released as a single in November 1973 (Bell Records Catalog number: Bell 45-414), but failed to chart. Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 Money Money 02:33
2 Roller Coaster 02:22
3 Lookin' For A Good Time 02:12
4 Oh, No, Not My Baby 02:41
5 I Wouldn't Put Nothin' Over On You 02:50
6 Where Do We Go From Here 02:37
7 How Long Is Too Long 03:42
8 I'll Never Get Over You 03:00
9 Alone Too Long 03:11
10 I Heard You Singing Your Song 02:39
11 That's The Way It Is With You 03:04
12 Ain't Love Easy 03:13
13 Roses In The Snow 02:57