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  • Gen: bubblegum pop
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 13
  • Year: 1973
Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes

Musical album di David Cassidy

Dreams are Nuthin' More than Wishes was David Cassidy's third solo album release. It was released in 1973 and produced by Rick Jarrard on Bell Records. It contains some cover versions, including John Sebastian's "Daydream" and Peggy Lee's "Fever". David Cassidy also did his version of the Partridge Family song, "Summer Days".Unique to this album is the fold out cover and the hand-written cover notes by Cassidy commenting on why he chose each song. Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 Opening Theme 00:38
2 Daydream 03:05
3 Sing Me 03:17
4 Bali Ha'i 02:35
5 Mae 02:55
6 Fever 04:06
7 Summer Days 02:57
8 The Puppy Song 02:46
9 Daydreamer 02:47
10 Some Old Woman 02:18
11 Can't Go Home Again 04:32
12 It's Preying On My Mind 03:28
13 Hold On Me 03:36