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  • Gen: cyber metal
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 13
  • Year: 2014

Musical album di Malmonde

Eva is the second album released by the French band Malmonde. For the moment it has been released only in France, though an international release is expected. This is the first album featuring drummer Christophe Saumont.Eva is a concept album, describing the effects of a deadly virus in the near future. The first victim is a little girl called "Eva", after whom the virus is named. Throughout the album, doubts arise as to the actual existence of this ambiguous virus[1]. Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 Behind Me 04:03
2 En haut des mûrs 03:06
3 Just a Whisper 03:39
4 Nowhere 05:58
5 Here They Come 03:21
6 Avorte la douleur 02:44
7 Eva 01:48
8 La ronde 05:37
9 My Way 03:20
10 No Trespassing 04:07
11 Revolution 02:15
12 Nobody Can Go Back 00:57
13 There Is Nothing 04:44