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  • Gen: indie rock
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 8
  • Year: 2001
Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks

Musical album di Modest Mouse

Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks is a 2001 EP by the indie rock band Modest Mouse. It collects the earlier Night on the Sun EP along with unreleased tracks from the recording sessions for The Moon & Antarctica.It was released on Epic Records on September 25, 2001, on both CD and vinyl LP. Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 Willful Suspension Of Disbelief 03:38
2 Night On The Sun 07:38
3 3 Inch Horses, Two Faced Monsters 04:13
4 You're The Good Things 03:33
5 The Air 04:32
6 So Much Beauty In Dirt 01:24
7 Here It Comes 03:10
8 I Came As A Rat (Long Walk Off A Short Dock) 04:36