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  • Gen: more christian rock
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 10
  • Year: 1986
Fearful Symmetry

Musical album di Daniel Amos

Fearful Symmetry is a 1986 album by rock band Daniel Amos, released on Frontline Records.Fearful Symmetry is a lush, synthesizer driven pop album, lyrically wrapped in puzzles that the listener has to decipher. Nearly every song on Fearful Symmetry in some way deals with pain or darkness - from the William Blake-inspired "Sleep Silent Child", a song about death, to "Strong Points, Weak Points", a song about doubt. The album title comes from a line in The Tyger by Wm. Blake. Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 A Sigh for You 03:59
2 The Pool 03:51
3 Sleep Silent Child 04:43
4 Neverland Ballroom 03:22
5 Strong Points, Weak Points 03:58
6 Instruction Thru Film 03:24
7 When Moonlight Sleeps 03:59
8 Sudden Heaven 03:28
9 Shadow Catcher 04:37
10 Beautiful One 03:32