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  • Gen: n.a.
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 9
  • Year: 2011

Musical album di Derek Webb

Feedback (2010) is the sixth solo studio album release from singer-songwriter Derek Webb. It is Webb's first worship album: an instrumental, electronic music recording, classically composed into three movements, based strictly on the structure and content of the Lord's Prayer from the Gospel of Matthew. Along with the music, Feedback encompassed additional artistic projects from photographer Jeremy Cowart, painter Scott Erickson, and filmmaker Scott Brignac. Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 Our Father In Heaven 03:24
2 Hallowed Be Your Name 02:29
3 Your Kingdom Come 03:33
4 Your Will Be Done On Earth As In Heaven 07:28
5 Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread 02:52
6 Forgive Us Our Debts As We Forgive Our Debtors 03:14
7 Lead Us Not Into Temptation But Deliver Us From Evil 06:22
8 For Thine Is A) The Kingdom B) The Power C) The Glory Forever and Ever 06:28
9 Amen 00:59