Terms and conditions of use

Users of RankBank.com agree to the following terms and conditions of use.

RankBank is a web platform that allows users to exchange opinions and information, in full compliance with others. Users can actively take part in this exchange by:

1. Creating polls;

2. Voting;

3. Publishing information and opinions about other users' polls.

YOUniversal Next Limited supplies the service using its own contents or those of the users registered on RankBank.com.

By accessing RankBank and using its services, users accept the Terms of Use in their most recent form, as published on these pages. They also accept that previous publications of the Terms of Use are substituted by this most recent version. In the event that a user does not accept the following Terms of Use in its most recent form, they are advised to stop using the service.

In addition to these Terms of Use, RankBank offers its users further functionalities which are also regulated by specific terms of service. These functionalities may include access to specific offers from companies other than YOUniversal Next Limited. YOUniversal Next Limited does not supply any of these services: it is neither the manufacturer or distributor and accepts no liability related to them. Users are advised to address any eventual complaints to the distributors of the products.

Users must acknowledge and accept that RankBank exercises no checks or prior surveillance over content and is not responsible for the quality, safety and legality of the content posted by users. Users are exclusively responsible for the content published.

To this end users must declare and guarantee to YOUniversal Next Limited that the information posted a) does not infringe copyright, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other proprietary rights of third parties , b) is not defamatory, libelous, threatening or harassing; (c) is not obscene and does not contain child pornography or material harmful to minors; (d) does not attach any liability to YOUniversal Next Limited.

Users can report any irregularities or infringements via the appropriate channels made ​​available on the site.

The user is obliged to stay informed of any changes and/or updates to the Terms of Service, which, when published on these pages come into being with immediate effect.

RankBank owns all of the services and content present on the website which is available to the user. To this end it is illegal to reproduce or utilize - partially or fully, free of charge or for profit, of any of the resources available on RankBank (excluding commercial agreements expressely condoned by YOUniversal Next Limited). This includes its graphics, symbols, trademarks, logos or distinctive markings in general, including the text of these terms of use.

The user accepts that, in accordance with the law, RankBank is in no way responsible for financial losses, direct or indirect damages, including to images, which may be incurred by the user or third parties as a result of using the service. Neither does it accept responsibility for an inability to access the site, its eventual interruption or suspension – temporary or permanent, or changes to the Terms of Use.

When users upload or post content on RankBank, contextually this grants RankBank a world wide licence. This licence is non-exclusive, royalty-free, and transferable (with the right to sublicense) for the use, reproduction, distribution, preparation of derivative works, and display of such content in connection with the provision of the service and the commercial activity of RankBank. This includes, but is not limited to: promoting and redistributing part or all of the service (and its related derivatives) in any media formats and through any communication channels.

The aforementioned licence, granted by the user in relation to polls posted by the user, will cease at the moment when the user removes or deletes said polls from the website.

By posting a poll on RankBank the user authorizes RankBank to make that poll visible and accessible to a network of other users. This includes through subsequent indexing - automatic or selective, on search engines, via publication on other sites that RankBank collaborates with, and through advertising on broadcast media.

RankBank is a completely free site. However it is possible to make use of paid services featured on the site.

RankBank contains sponsored links of other internet sites which do not fall under YOUniversal Next Limited's control. Publication of such links on RankBank does not imply approval or endorsement by YOUniversal Next Limited of those sites and their contents; nor does it imply any form of guarantee from YOUniversal Next Limited. Users must acknowledge therefore, that YOUniversal Next Limited is not responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy, completeness, respect for intellectual and/or industrial property rights, and legality of any other aspect of these internet sites. Neither does it respond to their possible opposition to public order, and morality. YOUniversal Next Limited assumes no liability for links to other sites and/or the content present on RankBank from these sites.

The licence ceases when a user closes his account, or when the user expressly requests the removal of certain contents owned by him/herself. However, the licence allows YOUniversal Next Limited to conserve a ‘back up' copy of a user's content after it has been deleted to the extent that is necessary to demonstrate a respect for the rights and obligations of a user, or to cooperate with public authorities for a maximum period permitted by law.

In exceptional circumstances YOUniversal Next Limited may find it useful to edit and disseminate a user's contents for the promotion of RankBank. Such content should be identified as 'official content'.

Users assume total responsibility for any leaked information attributable to their name and account, except in cases where YOUniversal Next Limited is given due warning of any incidents that could jeopardize the confidentiality of the user.

RankBank assumes no contractual obligation other than those contained in these Terms of Use, and provides no guarantees for the user.

RankBank reserves the right to suspend the service, at its sole discretion, at any time. It also reserves the right, without assuming any obligation to do so, to remove and/or edit content if it has reasonable suspicion that the content is in breach of these Terms of Use, its rules regarding content and the Intellectual Property Rights law of third parties. Failure to exercise this right in some cases does not affect in any way the right to future action, even in similar cases.