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  • Gen: n.a.
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 12
  • Year: 1997
Live Stages

Musical album di Vertical Horizon

Live Stages is a live album by Vertical Horizon, released by Rhythmic Records in early 1997, and later re-released by RCA Records. This album was recorded live at Ziggy's in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It featured mostly songs from the band's second album, Running on Ice, (and "On the Sea" from There and Back Again), as well as new material. This was the first Vertical Horizon album to feature Scannell more prominently on electric guitar, and also the first to include drummer Ed Toth. Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 The Man Who Would Be Santa 05:44
2 The Ride 03:31
3 Falling Down 05:15
4 On the Sea 06:24
5 Japan 04:52
6 It's Only Me 05:00
7 Candy Man 04:20
8 Fragments 04:44
9 The Unchosen One 05:19
10 Heart in Hand 07:12
11 Wash Away 12:23
12 Great Divide 04:26