A Google self-driving car struck a bus in the streets of California

During Saint Valentine's day a Google self-driving car was involved in an accident with a bus in Silicon Valley, California: nobody was injured A Google self-driving car struck a bus in the streets of California

As much as Google has come up with some amazing ideas and the technology the company uses is second to none, it must be said that sometimes accidents are to be expected, especially when new projects are being tested.

One of the latest inventions by Google is a self-driving car. Yes, a self-driving car which does exactly what you think it does: drive by itself without the need of someone actually driving it.

Google has been promoting these cars as if they were going to be the safest way to drive around in the future, also claiming they would give the chance to aging or visually impaired people to still be able to drive around or, in this case, be driven around.

As much as the idea sounds incredibly fascinating, it must be said that Google still has a long way to go before these cars become a reality, especially a safe one.

It has been revealed that, last Valentine's Day, during a test drive, one of Google's self-driving cars was involved in an accident in Silicon Valley, California.

The Google Lexus SUV was driving close to the Google headquarters in Mountain View when it collided with a bus. Luckily, nobody was injured during the accident.

A report about the incident was released on the 29th of February and, although it did not address fault, Google decided to take some responsibility for what happened stating that the collision wouldn't have taken place if their car had not moved when it did.

Although this was the first accident created by a Google self-driving car in autonomous mode, it must be said that there have been about 12 other accidents involving Google cars since they first started being tested around the streets of California back in 2014.

After the crash, Google stated that they had made the engineers working on the self-driving cars project: they will change the software used in the cars to make sure they understand that buses don't yield the same way other vehicles do.

Despite this little accident, we still think the idea of using self-driving cars in the future is extremely exciting. Do you agree? Please, share your opinion by voting in our poll.

[picture: extremetech.com]

Do you still think these cars are safe?

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