Best places to spend New Years

With 2018 almost just memories, there are so many places you can choose to celebrate the coming year in style. Welcoming a new year is always a big deal for all of us, as it is during this time we positively hope for unseen success in what we do, and as well, new experiences in all aspects of our lives. The following are some of the best places you can welcome 2019. Best places to spend New Years

New York

This is everyone’s first on the list. The party every December 31st in Times Square remains one of the most famous of the night in the country.

Los Angeles

LA offers many fun ways to usher in the New Year. Famous parties in this beautiful city include; Cleopatra’s Ball, EVE (universal studios), Tournament of the Roses Parade, Glow Party and many more.

Washington, DC

The capital city is full of beautiful ways to celebrate a new year, ranging from parties, clubs, balls, fireworks and many more. First Night celebrations in Maryland, Virginia, and Alexandria are not to be missed if in the city.

Las Vegas

The adrenaline in the city on the eve of a new year cannot compare to anything else. So much goes on that all you might need on the day is get out of the house and take in all the fun. I recommend you use Sundance Helicopters and enjoy the fireworks below you.

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