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Check out the best websites to easily download free Mp3s from

A lot of people don't like to buy their music but they prefer to download it so here there are five sites to download your music from Check out the best websites to easily download free Mp3s from

Long gone are the days when people would buy music in physical formats such as cassettes, vinyls and CDs. These days, most people listen to music through electronic devices such as mp3 players, computers and music, which means that mp3s are the most popular music format out there at the moment.
If you love music but you are on a budget and can't pay to download music, there are some websites you can download free mp3s from.

Youtube: All you have to do is open the video of the song you want to download and copy the link of the page. Then go to http://goo.gl/YikxX and paste the URL and hit Enter. An arrow facing downwards will appear and all you have to do to download the mp3 is to click on it. Voilà!

Soundcloud: This has become one of the most popular music websites in recent years and that is because you can find almost anything on there, from album tracks to remixes. Many artists have got official pages on there where you can download music from. However, not every song on Soundcloud can be downloaded. To know if you can download the song you want simply look for it and then look for a button that says Download. If you find it, simply click on it and the mp3 will be downloaded instantly.

Last.Fm: Although most music fans use this site because it's the greatest place to check out your personal charts to see what artists, songs and albums you have played the most, you can also find some free mp3s to download. All you have to do is check this link http://goo.gl/zLV6 and you will find some songs free of charge.

Jamendo: And if you want to download music that isn't by popular artists but mostly created by amateurs, www.jamendo.com is the best place to find it and to download it for free. You will find an insanely large music library all for your enjoyment.

Are you the type of person who doesn't buy physical music anymore and who gets all the music from the Internet? Vote in our poll and let us know your opinion about these websites or any others you may use by leaving us a message below.

Here's the best site to download your music from

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