Did President Vladímir Putin kill a KGB spy with tea and honey?

According to the investigators the ex KGB spy called Alexander Litvinenko has been killed by Vladimir Putin with tea and honey Did President Vladímir Putin kill a KGB spy with tea and honey?

A Russian dissident that used to be a KGB spy called Alexander Litvinenko was killed with a radioactive poison at a London hotel in the Mayfair district, while he was having a green tea with lemon and honey with two other ex KGB spies, Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun, on the 1st of November of 2006.

During the early investigations, the barman who served the three ex KGB spies that very same afternoon told the police that right before being served, Andrei Lugovoi asked him for a cigar.

A new report on the case was released on the 21st of January which stated that, by looking at the bill, it could be confirmed that the three men were sitting at Table 1 which automatically implicated the two other ex KGB spies as well as the spy agency itself and Russian President Vladímir Putin in what happened right after.

Thanks to the bill, investigators found out that the three men asked for various drinks, some of them alcoholic, and that among those drinks that were ordered, there were also three teas

The barman recalls how the tea that he served to the three men was made in a large pot by one of his colleagues who were working behind the bar and how he took both the pot and the cups to the table where the three men were seating. He also revealed how he didn't pour the tea himself because it's not the barman's task to do so.

When asked about whether he paid a lot of attention to the three men during the time the spent at the bar of the hotel or not, the barman said all he noticed was how they all were very well-behaved and very well dressed.

However, he also admitted he didn't overhear anything of what was being said nor did he notice anything peculiar about the way any of them acted or drank their tea.

Hours after the meeting, Litvinenko fell ill and was taken to a London hospital where he died after three weeks.

While he was on his deathbed, Litvinenko blamed Putin for what happened, calling him barbaric and ruthless, after he became a thorn in Putin's side since he left the Russian spy service and decided to move to London to start a new life.

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