Facebook creator and his wife to donate 99% of their fortune to charity

The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is going to donate 99% of his net to charity as he wants her daughter to grow up in a beautiful world Facebook creator and his wife to donate 99% of their fortune to charity

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be so rich that you could basically do anything you wanted without ever running out of money? You most probably have, because it's something that almost everyone has thought about once or one hundred times. Some people are lucky enough to live that reality and, luckily some of those decide they don't need so much money and that really important things can be done with it.

Well, that is the case with Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, and his wife Priscilla Chan who announced on the 1st of December that they would be using 99% of their shares on Facebook to help human advancement. Considering how much the company is worth these days, that amounts to about $45 billion, which is way more money than anyone could ever need.

But where exactly will all those billions of dollars go? Well, they will go to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative which is a company set up by Mark and his wife which will fund non-profit organizations and making private investments to help certain areas of great need.

However, all that money won't be instantly given away. In fact, what Mark and Priscilla have planned is to donate about 1$ billion a year in three different donations and, if any of their initiatives have any profits, they will also use that money towards achieving their goals.

But what exactly are those goals? Apparently they have two, and one of them focuses on advancing human potential by starting initiatives on medicine, economic opportunity and access to information. The other goal has to do with promoting equality, which means they will be investing money on empowering underrepresented groups and on alleviating poverty in certain areas.

This is not the first time that the creator of Facebook and his wife have used their fortune for good causes though. In fact, last year they donated about $25 millions to prevent the spread of Ebola among many other causes.

What Mark and Priscilla are doing is simply wonderful and it sets a great example for many other companies who could do so much more with their fortunes. But we want to know your opinion which is why we invite you to vote in our poll and leave us a comment.

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