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Film business; Nintendo’s next big thing

It seems like Nintendo is about to spend some money on film business: Super Mario and Zelda could be part of a new movie Film business; Nintendo’s next big thing

Like the Avengers franchise, character driven movies and money makers, the Nintendo Company plans to make movies. This company intends to use the cash from the sales of its share in the Mariners baseball team. Their struggle into the film business is not a surprise as they are trying to keep up with all the changes as far as the gaming industry is concerned. NX, which is a gaming device for the next generation, will be released probably next March. However, a more convincing strategy is yet to be formulated for mobile gaming.

Super Mario and Zelda franchises are Nintendo’s most famous characters and any movies featuring these two will definitely hit big screens. Having the major share of sales in the Seattle Mariners, the team was valued at $1.4 billion.

In an interview recently with the Asahi newspaper, Nintendo’s president, Tatsumi Kimishima, spoke out the company’s ambitions. They intend to work with partners while the Japan-based company, Kyoto, would make their own films rather than licensing the characters. This was later confirmed by the game makers’ spokesman. An analyst, Tomoaki Kawasaki, at Iwai Cosmo Securities Co. supported this by saying that it is understandable to have this desire of developing new income generating sources especially from characters who are globally recognized.

Nintendo’s late President Satoru Iwata came out with ways of establishing new sources of income before he died last year in July 2015. These included an alliance with Comcast Corp.’s Universal Studio and a toy platform, Amiibo, for the console. Therefore, this film business will just be perfect logically. Nintendo will therefore make sure that its movies, smartphone efforts and gaming console will altogether attract more audiences into the world of Zelda and Mario.

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