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Google's new 'About Me' page helps you controlling your personal infos

This new page called 'About Me' will help you checking which personal information you're actually sharing on your Google accounts Google's new 'About Me' page helps you controlling your personal infos

Google+ hasn't been the huge hit Google were hoping it would be and it looks like they are separating yet another component of it. This new component is called 'About Me' and in it you can see the personal information you share on your Google accounts (Google, Google+, Gmail, Youtube...) and change the privacy options to control what can be seen by others and what not.

Some of the personal information details you can add to your 'About Me' page include your age, work place, education, gender, birthday, places you have been to, personal contact info and even websites where you write.

All the personal information you add or delete from your 'About Me' page will automatically be updated on every single one of your accounts linked to Google such as Youtube, Google Drive and Photos, to name a few.

If you want to check your 'About Me' page all you have to do is head over to aboutme.google.com. As soon as you enter it, you will find some of your personal information. However, unless you have a Google+ account, that information is private and no one else can see it. If you do have a Google+ account which means those details are public, you will realize you can set them all to private by clicking on a button next to each one of them. All of them apart from your name and display picture, that is.

Also, at the bottom of your 'About Me' page you will find a tool called 'Privacy Checkup tool' which gives you the opportunity to be in charge of your security settings.

Although 'About Me' is still in beta form and Google haven't yet announced officially this new feature, you can already check yours and make all the changes you want to make with it before the rest of the world finds out about it. We recommend you take a good look at yours, explore it for a bit and make sure there is no personal information detail you don't want Google to make public so everyone else can see it.

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