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If you want to eat healthy read on to learn how to cook quinoa

Quinoa is a perfect substitute if you want to give up eating pasta and rice and it is also extremly healthy and easy to cook If you want to eat healthy read on to learn how to cook quinoa

You might not be very familiar with quinoa because, until very recently, you could barely find it in most supermarkets. However, that all has changed and quinoa is finally becoming a vital ingredient for everyone who takes eating healthy seriously.

If you have given up on pasta and rice because they make you feel bloated, quinoa can be the perfect substitute for both thanks to its high protein content, sweet and nutty flavor and delicate texture. Quinoa is a seed although it's used as a grain and it's rich in iron, magnesium and fiber which makes it extremely healthy.

But something else that is extremely great about quinoa is the fact that it's very easy and fast to cook. One thing you must remember to do before cooking it is to rinse it because doing that will get rid of a slight bitter taste.

Quinoa is the perfect side dish for most meals such as fish, meat and vegetables and you have to cook it the same way you would cook rice. You have to know that one cup of dry quinoa makes up for about three cups of cooked quinoa and, also, keep in mind that to cook one cup of quinoa you are going to need two cups of water. And if you are going to cook one cup of quinoa, you will have to cook it for around twenty minutes.

The recipes you can find online including quinoa are countless, and that is because this ingredient is very fitting with most other foods. Some of the healthiest and tastiest recipes including quinoa are quinoa with chickpeas, asparagus and fresh pies as well as quinoa salad with radishes and greens.

Being very similar to rice and pasta, you can basically cook quinoa with any of your favorite ingredients and create your own meals as you become more familiar with it. If you don't feel like inventing your own recipes, simply look for some online and you will soon realize there are hundreds of different delicious options.

If you feel like sharing your thoughts on quinoa or on your favorite recipes do so by leaving a comment below and please take a moment to vote in the poll you can find on this page.

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