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Is your PC’s VR ready?

Valve is ready to finally release a benchmark that will verify if your personal computer is VR ready or not Is your PC’s VR ready?

Checking the VR-readiness of your PC is now possible with the use of ‘Portal’ robots, courtesy of Valve. Two virtual reality headsets amongst the big three are expected to be out in the market in the next few months. It is well known that your bank account is capable of drafting Oculus pre-order checks and HTC Vive. However, the biggest question is whether the performance of your PC has the cashing ability. Valve has been carrying out a test dumped Steam VR Performance that lasts for about two minutes in a non-interactive and portal inspired environment.

This test is different from the operations done on the Oculus benchmark facility, because it focuses not only on the specs of the system but it penetrates a little bit deeper. What Valve’s facility does is that it performs a specific test looking at how your rig is able to maintain 90 frames in every second, while VR experiences and games are running. The tool will then give you a hint of dropped frames in percentage terms.

Valve notes very keenly that the app does not have the capability to take CPU load into account when intense applications are being processed and during times of positional tracking. Valve has taken this fact into consideration and what it will do, is to inform you whether the bottleneck is your graphics card or CPU. It will also let you know whether visual fidelity can be tuned by VR content to the recommended level.

Example: valve’s test machine ran on a PC with the following system specs:

Operating system; windows 10

CPU; 4 cores 3.40GHz Intel(R) i5-3570K

The results were:

Frames; below 90 fps were 0; tested 9764 and those CPU Bound were 4

High Average fidelity was recorded at 7.9.

Do you think your PC is VR ready?

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