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Israel slams Facebook for not helping to curb violence over attacks

The Public Security Minister of Israel, Gilad Erdan, says that Facebook is a monster because of some hateful contents posted on it Israel slams Facebook for not helping to curb violence over attacks

Facebook has become the biggest platform for people to express their feelings online and, while it can be very relieving to some, it can also create problems from time to time.

In fact, Israel is slamming Facebook for refusing to curb online content that can potentially incite to violence against the country. The Public Security Minister of Israel, Gilad Erdan, went as far as calling the most popular and used social media network out there a monster on live television.

Of course, Facebook was quick to release a statement through Reuters to try and defend itself by saying that they are working closely with Israel to remove any content that might be hateful or abusive towards the country. However, in the statement there was no mention of the words spoken by Gilad Erdan.

The comments Israel is not happy about come mostly from Palestinians, the population that over the last few months, has carried out various street attacks in Israel which have killed about 34 Israelis. In the meantime, Israel has killed over 200 Palestinians, but statements released by the country indicate that about 137 of those Palestinians killed were actual attackers.

The Israel government has stated that a big part of the violence by Palestinians towards Israelis has been encouraged on Facebook, and that is why they ask the social media network to be more aware and proactive towards the hateful content posted on it.

As you most probably know if you have a Facebook account, the site gives its users the chance to report hateful comments. However, the government of Israel says the process is sometimes slow and not all of the hateful comments are deleted.

In the meantime, Facebook has been quick to state that they work with safety organizations and policymakers from various parts of the world to make sure such content doesn't stay up for long. They also declared that there is no space for violent and hateful comments on their platform but that sometimes it's hard to monitor all the comments that get posted.

There is no doubt that social media networks are entertaining, but most people are not conscious of the sort of stuff that gets posted on them. 

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Is Facebook really working to avoid this situation?

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