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It’s now easier with iTunes 12.4; thanks to Apple

Apple on May 16, 2016 released simplified navigation features of iTunes 12.4: the decision comes after a lot of critics It’s now easier with iTunes 12.4; thanks to Apple

Apple yesterday May 16, 2016 released simplified navigation features of iTunes 12.4. This follows after the version had been criticized to be complex in the media management app. Their notes for the release of iTunes 12.4 says that you can now start enjoying music, podcasts, TV shows, music and more in easier design. You can therefore use your App Store app to update iTunes on your Mac. Reviewing back for instance, iTunes 12 had a confusing navigation for it required many clicks in order to get around. Now, iTunes 12.4 will be both intuitive and positive as well as more efficient to users.

To curb this confusion of buttons in the navigation bar, Apple has come up with a popup menu which they now call Media Picker. The Media Picker will be used to select the media library so that you can access the contents featuring the sidebar. A number of ways in which you can access your media will be displayed just below the Library header. For example, once you select the Music library, you will see by default, Artists, Songs, Recently Added, Genres, Albums and Music Videos. In this section, right-clicking anywhere and choosing the Edit List enables you to either add Composers and Compilations or removing any of the view options as you may prefer. In order to save the changes that you have just made, click anywhere in the sidebar or click Done. It’s that easy now.

ITunes now give more options as far as artwork size is concerned. In the case of non-list views, your now enabled to select from five sizes compared to previously they were three. In iTunes 12.3, the Back and Forward buttons found at the top left of this iTunes window displayed only after viewing the iTunes Store and could only affect the store’s navigation. Now they have been improved and they affect every action in iTunes; may it be your own library, the iTunes Store or even the Apple Music. Previously, iTunes had two different menus. One displayed when you right-click and the other when you left-click. However, this has been confusing and Apple has worked upon it and the good news is that the two menus have now been made one. They are now the same.

More elements of iTunes still need to be refreshed. For example the Apple Music Connect is present but Apple has assured that it will be removed most probably next month. With all these changes of simplifying the navigation of views and media libraries, bringing the sidebar back and improving the Back and the Forward buttons have really made iTunes intuitive and simpler. Regarding all these changes, we can therefore thank Apple for making iTunes 12.4 a more usable app.

[picture: support .apple .com]

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