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J-Law ticks off journo for looking at his phone

Jennifer Lawrence called out a reporter who couldn't stay off his phone at the Golden Globes, telling him, "you can't live your whole life behind your phone, bro" J-Law ticks off journo for looking at his phone

We’ve all been there. You sit down in the cinema only for the guy next to you to start fidgeting noisily with his phone.


J-Law has been there too, only her experience of being interrupted by a pocket sized device is in a slightly grander location than your average UCI….


Yes, when a foreign journalist at the Golden Globes tried to quiz our Jen on her thoughts on the upcoming Oscars, the Best Actress winner was forced to cut him down to size.


'You can't live your whole life behind your phone bro”, she quipped to E!’s Juan Pablo Fernandez-Feo.


'You're just not gonna... You can't do that. You gotta live in the now”.


Fernández-Feo tried again to ask, “how do you see yourself for the Oscar[s] night,” but J-Law delivered a second slap down.


'We are at the Golden Globes”, she said, “if you put your phone down, you'd know that.”


If you think that sounds largely fair enough, then you’re in the minority. The internet didn’t find it funny, with fans taking to social media to slam Jen’s quick wit.    


'I'm a fan of her, but that was kinda rude,' one said.


Another noted: 'Jennifer lawrence calling out that reporter was not "quirky". it was rude and entitled and embarrassed someone just tryna doing his job.' 


Someone else lamented:  'I used to find Jennifer Lawrence quite funny and relatable but now she's quite rude and arrogant. Shame.'


Elsewhere fans pointed to the fact that the reporter may not have had a firm grasp of English and suggested that Jennifer had overstepped that fine line between “sassy and sarcastic” and “rude and disrespectful”:


None of which bothered our poor E! journalist.  Fernandez-Feo tweeted a smiley selfie of himself after the event with the caption: 'After being scolded by #JenniferLawrence in the #GoldenGlobes”.


Translation: bothered…..


Jen's put down - rude or funny?

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