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Kate Moss fesses up to a private passion for jam-making

The supermodel has talked publicly about her new found passion for jam making and in typically immodest style says her jam - called Kate's Sweet and Sticky, 'is so delicious' Kate Moss fesses up to a private passion for jam-making

It’s official, at least one day of the week Kate Moss stays in. No, we didn’t say night – jam making has nothing to do with the twilight hours when parties all over London are just easing into 5th gear. No, at some unspecified point in the day when a supermodel has nothing better to do La Moss pops on her Marigolds and gets to work on a vat of homemade jam.

In a rare moment of engagement with the media Kate chatted away to Hello! Magazine about her fruit filled exploits (brace yourselves - Kate doesn’t do modesty.)

"I make jam and oh my God, it is so delicious", she explained.

"My signature jam is damson or quince and it’s called Kate’s Sweet and Sticky. Basically I’m a domestic goddess.

"I gave it to Jamie Oliver and his kids texted my kid the next day, saying: “Oh, your mum’s jam is really good, we just had some and it’s better than Dad’s. Take that Jamie Oliver."

Jam making has become so sexy lately that it seems we're all at it: John Lewis even reported a spike in sales of jam making kits. On the world stage Taylor Swift reportedly gave Ed Sheeran a pot of her finest homemade raspberry jam to celebrate his nomination for Best Male Video at the MTV Awards (Taylor – we bet he’d rather have had champers,) while on home turf the Duchess of Cambridge is said to dole out jars of her homemade sticky stuff as Christmas presents.  

Turning to baking, or say, cheese-making once the party is over is a well trodden path in celebrity circles and it’s no surprise that Kate has turned her hand to the most fashionable domestic hobby of them all. But is this just another celebrity fad or do you reckon Kate really is a dab hand at boiling fruit with sugar and letting it set?

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