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Kids’ iTunes Allowances; Apple confirms it will shut down the feature

Apple will finally bring to end iTune Allowance in order to develop a new feature which is called Family Sharing Kids’ iTunes Allowances; Apple confirms it will shut down the feature

Come May 25, Apple will bring to an end the tenure of iTunes Allowances. It is a special feature that enables parents to spare a certain amount of money in their credit cards to be used on a monthly basis by their kids to acquire goods on the App Store or iTunes.

Let’s assume a kid has some unutilized amount by the set termination date, he or she will be able to make purchases using the allowances until they are fully depleted. Apple has remained silent about this move, not stating justification for ending such allowances. But perhaps Apple could be creating room for advancing another feature referred to as Family Sharing. The new feature would place parents in a better position to oversee their kids’ purchases.

The family sharing feature is designed such that iOS 8 and succeeding versions and the Yosemite version of OS X and later versions of Macs can be used by at most 6 people. The parties have the capacity to share contents and at the same time keep their accounts private and confidential. Just to put it into perspective, all the family members will have access to information shared with each other; such content may include iBooks, items available on the iTunes, picture and also purchases done on the App Store.

Steps; setting up Family Sharing

Begin by choosing the family organizer. He or she will be responsible for sending invites to a maximum of five members of the family. In addition, the organizer will also approve the invites after acceptance and will make payments for all purchases initiated by family members.

Step two; get access to family sharing. If you are using iOS devices, proceed to settings, select iCloud, and then choose set up family sharing. If you are on Mac, proceed to the Apple menu, select system preferences, choose iCloud and finally tap on Set up Family.

Step three; link credit card. This applies to the family organizers whose Apple ID does not have an attached credit card. A link appears prompting you to link at least one of your credit cards to facilitate payment of the purchases done by members of your family. Skip this step if your cards are already linked.

Step four and the final one is addition of family members; it is the onus of the organizer to invite other users who will now come together to make up a family.

[picture: abcnews. go .com]

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