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Latest Promo Spot For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The are rumors about a new Star Wars: The Force awakens trailer that is driving all the fans out there totally crazy Latest Promo Spot For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The countdown continues until the latest Star Wars movie, Star War: The Force Awakens finally airs. Fans across the globe eagerly wait for the day when they finally get to watch the movie. In the UK, the new Star Wars film will premier on the 17th of December while in the US it premiers a day later, on the 18th. While snippets, posters and trailers of the latest Star Wars film have been few and far between, fans who have watched them have been intrigued, excited and left with more questions than answers. A few days ago, a Star Wars trailer aired in Japanese language and prior to that, another trailer had aired on Star Wars’ YouTube channel on the Internet. 

The movie’s director, promised fans no more posters, trailers or snippets of the movie because fans keep asking too many questions while others simply can’t wait till the debut. However, even with this promise from J Abrams, the Japanese language trailer aired and fans were totally puzzled. Now there are stories about another new TV spot for Star Wars the movie. While those who have seen it claim it is mostly stuff fans have already seen on other snippets, there are plenty of new tidbits here and there.

Star Wars producers had been very coy with the secrets of the film until recently. For instance, a trailer shows Hans Solo holding a blaster and Finn fighting a Storm trooper. This is why most fans have already made up their minds if they will queue to watch the movie when it finally screens at cinemas or whether they will wait until it is available elsewhere. There are a couple of giveaways. For instance, viewers have seen the space craft Millennium Falcon traversing across sand dunes and attacking TIE fighters.

Word has it that there is a famous star who makes a comeback in the movie. In the snippet, this particular person shows up on the 46th second. Suggestions also indicate that the storm troopers may have some form of defense mechanism to protect themselves. Are you a fan of Star Wars? Then why not share your opinion with us? We are interested in getting the opinion of readers such as you who are interested or intrigued by the Star Wars and other stories. We appreciate your time and your honest opinions.

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