New ISIS killings makes China debate the way it will fight terror

A Chinese 50-year-old man named Fan Jinghui has been killed by ISIS so China is debating the way they will fight terror New ISIS killings makes China debate the way it will fight terror

One thing is for sure: it looks like the terror inflicted by the Islamic State is only starting.

Last Thursday the 19th of November, China announced they wanted justice after an inhabitant of the country who was kidnapped by ISIS was killed by the terrorist group. 

The government of the country said they oppose all forms of terrorism after it was found out that ISIS had killed Fan Jinghui, a 50-year-old Chinese man and Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad, a Norwegian citizen.

It was back in September when the terrorist group posted on their online magazine called Dabiq pictures of both men with a tag that read 'for sale'.

These new terrible killings has sparked a debate in China over whether the country should take part in the fight against the Islamic State, only one week after Paris was attacked by the terrorist group which ended up killing 132 people in the capital of France.

China paid tribute to the victims of the Paris attacks by lighting up the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai with the colors of the French flag. Also, some business leaders from the country sent their condolences by letter to François Hollande, the president of France, and Xi Jinping, the president of China, declared that what happened in Paris was nothing but a barbarous action.

During a G-20 meeting last weekend, the foreign minister of China, Wang Yi, told of how his country also is a victim of terrorism and named the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) as the culprit.

Wang also said during the G-20 meeting that the whole world should be united against terrorism and that the attacks by ETIM in China should become part of the international war against terror, something that the president of the country appreciated and quickly agreed with.

What are your thoughts on the terrorist attacks against Paris from last weekend now that one week has gone by? Do you agree with what Wang Yi said? Express your opinion on this extremely important matter by leaving us a comment below and please take a moment to vote in the poll.


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