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New Microsoft contest gives you the chance to create a HoloLens app

Here it is: a brand new Microsoft contest will give you the chance to create your own HoloLens application just by submitting your project on a site New Microsoft contest gives you the chance to create a HoloLens app

In recent years everyone has gone app-crazy since we all spend large amounts of time on our smartphones. The app market is saturated with new ones being added every single day, but that hasn't stopped Microsoft from starting a new contest where you can create your own.

Since last Tuesday the 1st of December, a new contest created by Microsoft has been unveiled where they ask you to come up with a new HoloLens app idea for the augmented-reality device and, if you are the winner, Microsoft itself will make it a reality.

If you are not very tech savvy you don't have to worry at all since what Microsoft wants you to do is to simply come up with an idea rather than to develop the actual app yourself.

In order to submit your HoloLens app idea, all you have to do is visit https://goo.gl/Y1K5hx and submit yours before the 11th of January 2016 which is when the contest will come to an end. Also, once all the ideas are up on the website, you will also be given the opportunity to vote for your favorite ones.

But what will the winner win exactly? Well, apart from the huge satisfaction of having Microsoft creating the app, the winner will also be able to be very present during the development thanks to weekly build reviews, question and answer sessions and much more.

The new HoloLens apps are designed to work on devices which use Windows 10 as their operating system which means they will run on computers, smartphones and tablets.

In case you are not aware of what HoloLens is, it's a new type of hardware designed by Microsoft which was launched back in May and which will be available to developers from next year.

HoloLens is a detached mobile headset that casts a holographic representation over a small portion of your field of view and, if the product is successful, there is no doubt that in just a couple of years time the way we use apps will be completely different to the way we currently use them.

Apps have become a pretty important part of our every day lives which is why we would like to know your opinion on this initiative by Microsoft by voting in our poll and leaving us a comment.

Are you going to take part to this contest?

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