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Revelations of fresh secrets: Star Wars

Revelations of fresh secrets; Star Wars as seen through the documentary- The Force Awakens expected to arrive in April, 5 Revelations of fresh secrets: Star Wars

The Star Wars documentary is simplified through a break down into chapters. The documentary unfolds in an expert way from the actual film full of interviews and footage happening behind the scenes. The chapters deal with the script and of particular interest is the initial big shoot, the scene showing the death of Solo, the capture of the creatures’ motion.

J.J Abrams, the director of the documentary creates a moment just before the screening commenced. Hot got the audience by a surprise while introducing the documentary. He extended gratitude to his colleagues and his fans for the breakthrough of the film. Abrams admitted that so far receipts amounting to almost two billion dollars had been amassed in making the documentary a success. He expressed his optimism of the film breaking and making new records in Blu-ray.

The interviews in the documentary are very funny at times and also revealing on other occasions. The opening brings out the aspect of smart self awareness with all the cast members frightened after realizing that they no longer have to withhold any secrets for the purpose of this famous documentary.


Most people have actually watched Star Wars- and perhaps not once. Probably you thought that you knew everything about the movie, but the new series will just prove you were wrong. A bunch of tidbits here and there are quite new and interesting. Find a few facts here:

John Boyega was the biggest fan in the Star Wars cast. This is the man who plays Finn, otherwise known for taking the position of the defecting storm trooper.

The initial design of the entire outfit for Kylo Ren was meant to be chrome. Abram saw the concept not in line with his vision. It then shifted to a costume design.

Tiny island of Skeling; it was only possible to work with 50 crew members only because this island off Ireland’s coast could only accommodate such a number due to its small size.

Abrams got inspiration from all sort of sources; Rose Gilbert, one of Abram’s treasured teacher was the main source of inspiration to Lupita Nyongo’s script- Knowing Kanata.

The production models for the new film have received contributions from club members of R2-D2 builder.

The role of Peter Mayhew was limited; the man who stayed for more than 20 years in a costumed covered with yak- hair was not involved in most scenes that entailed walking and running. This actor a surgery to replace his knee and hence little involvement in the physical scenes.


Do you still think you knew everything about it?

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