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Rob Lowe is latest celeb to flash gold McDonald’s card

The only thing better than being a celeb is being a celeb with powerful friends - so powerful that you get gifted a MCDonalds Gold Card, a la Rob Lowe Rob Lowe is latest celeb to flash gold McDonald’s card

Forget getting your hands on that fleet of Maseratis. The ultimate status symbol for modern celebs is a little more ‘real’ than that, provided you're well connected enough in fast food circles…

Well Rob Lowe is. The actor let slip on the Jimmy Kimmel show last week that he is the proud owner of a Gold McDonalds card, joining a select crew of celebrity fast-food-free-for-all cardholders in the States.

Lowe apparently got his hands on the card – which is gold with, you guessed it, the golden arches embossed majestically in the centre - because his friend’s dad invented one of the most enduring menu items ever of Ronald’s eponymous menu.

“The way I got this is my buddy in Santa Barbara’s dad is one of the original McDonald’s franchisees and he invented the Egg McMuffin,” Rob said. “Which to me, is like the greatest human achievement.”

Sadly for Rob his gilded card only allows him free McDonalds for one year at any restaurants in Santa Barbara.

Meanwhile, Warren Buffet, a rung up from Lowe in the celebrity stratosphere, can eat free anywhere in Omaha, for life. And to prove that being a tech-rock god lets you stomp all over the world eating fast-food whenever you damn well like, Bill Gates gold card lets him eat at any golden arches in the world for life.

Over in the UK life isn’t quite as happy. McDonalds UK doesn’t care who you are, you’re not doing an all you can eat on their dime, with a  spokesman for the chain telling The Guardian that: “Individual franchisees might give a celebrity a free meal sometimes.” Talk about making them sing for the their supper….

On British shores celebs have to make do with a Nando’s black card, also known as a ‘high five’. In terms of bang for your buck the Nando’s black appears to punch higher than the McDonalds gold, allowing its celebrity endorsers and five friends to dine in Nandos for free (the bill could run into the tens of thousands if said celeb and friends dined there three times a week – we know we would). 

However, in much the same way that the first rule of fight club is that there is no fight club, Nandos is notoriously secretive about the existence of their big-dining celeb card.

 "No-one who’s requested a card, no matter how politely, has ever received one. Asking for one is simply the biggest taboo – a definite no no, " the company says.

Proving that the mythical creature does in fact exist, Ed Sheeran posted a selfie with his. Meanwhile, world-wide, Jay-Z, Ricky Gervais, David Beckham, Pixie Lott Oprah Winfrey and JLS are all rumoured to hold one.

We know which we'd rather have...

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