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Six Flags plans to bring a new look into its roller coasters

This new partnership between Six Flags and Samsung will create a new way to intend roallercoster: nine parks will take part to this revolution Six Flags plans to bring a new look into its roller coasters

Six Flags has partnered with Samsung to develop virtual reality goggles to enable the riders of its roller coasters located at nine parks throughout the country to enjoy a twist and mix of climbs and drops while watching pictures of a midair fight with galaxy aliens.

Images are created in the goggles with the help of Oculus VR, a technology firm. These images are then synced to be at par with the coaster’s motion.

The new element; the virtual reality. This is one of the new features that will be loaded to roller coasters across nine parks of Six Flags. Every ride at every park will further have modified images as seen through the virtual reality goggles.

One of the parks set to receive an update is the Magic Mountain. Here, the change is expected to be effected this Spring and it will extend to the renaming of the ride to be referred as the New Revolution.

Six Flags is not the first one in the market to have such an idea. Last year Germany’s Europa Park added virtual reality elements to one of its own coasters. England’s theme park put it clear in January 2016 that it was ready to follow suit.

According to theme park experts, the technology is quite beneficial since operators of roller coasters can easily create virtual reality supporting software more often. The ripple effect is drawing repeat visitors over and over again to the same ride.

Rewriting the software is far much advantageous than buying new coasters. This is according to Speigel Dennis, president of the popular International Theme park. Speaking on Thursday 3rd March 2016 in a conference room where he tested the virtual reality goggles by Six Flags, he argued that he could vividly see the so called midair battle involving space aliens. He attested that it is as if the battle was taking place just around him yet he was watching from the comfort of his spinning office chair.

There is an increase in competition for visitors in the coaster parks and therefore any introduction of a new update is seen as a means of retaining visitors.

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