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The 15 best fruits to lose weight healthily and fast - Part 1

Here's a list with seven incredibly tasty fruits that will make you lose weight both fastly and healthly The 15 best fruits to lose weight healthily and fast - Part 1

Are you trying to lose some weight right before Christmas since you know there is no avoiding eating way more than usual during the holidays? If you are, and you want to do it both healthily and fast, you can try including some of the following fruits in your diet:

1. Avocados: What makes this type of fruit so good is the fact they are rich in good fats which can help improve your metabolism and it also creates testosterone, a hormone known for helping people lose weight.

2. Apples: Apart from being delicious, eating apples regularly can help you lose weight and fast thanks to the fiber it contains which makes you feel full meaning you won't feel like eating as much as usual.

3. Watermelon: Not only watermelon is low in calories, it also helps you get rid of the liquid in your body which makes you be heavier, it also avoids you from suffering from constipation.

4. Pears: This fruit is great at helping you digest and making sure you don't suffer from constipation which will definitely help you get rid of some extra weight.

5. Peaches: Peaches are absolutely delicious and they contain phenolic which helps you prevent getting belly fat and it also cleans your intestines.

6. Strawberries: They are a very popular dessert usually accompanied with cream, but if you are trying to lose weight, forget about adding anything to them! They include two hormones which will help your metabolism be faster and therefore burn some extra calories.

7. Lemons: Many people are not able to eat pieces of lemon because they are way too acid, but if you knew how good they are for your health you would start eating a couple a day immediately! As you must already know, lemons are citrics and citrics are high in Vitamin C which is great for your body. Also, they are rich in fiber which means you won't suffer from constipation which will help you not putting on weight.

What do you think about these fruits? Do you love any of them in particular? Share your opinion by leaving a comment and by voting in the poll!

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