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Twitter secures accounts after user credentials were stolen and sold

It seems like hakers are stealing passwords to make some money: a lot of Twitter users have been attacked so now they have to change their password Twitter secures accounts after user credentials were stolen and sold

These days we have a username and password for almost anything, yet most people are still not completely aware of how important keeping these details safe is. 

Sadly for us, hackers are on the look out for this sort of information constantly and, many times, they succeed when it comes to stealing this private data and actually make big amounts of money by selling it.

Social media has become part of everyone's every day life which means most of them have millions and millions of users such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LindkIn, and they aren't safe from the attacks of hackers. In fact, just last month, 360 million Myspace credentials and 100 million LinkedIn credentials were sold online by a hacker who managed to steal the data.

There is no doubt that this will, sooner or later, happen with most social media networks and it looks like the latest one was Twitter.

On the afternoon of the 9th of June, rumors started circulating that there had been a Twitter breach. Quickly after, security developers advised everyone who was part of the social media network to change their passwords and also to use two-factor authentication which consists in verifying your identity at login with a pincode which is sent to a trusted device of the user.

If you have a Twitter account, you most probably are scared your details were leaked. Well, there is a way to find out this. If you were, next time you access Twitter you will be told to change your password. If you are not, stay quiet because that means your login details didn't leak.

However, if this news got you nervous, there are certain things you can do. If your password is one of those very simple ones most people use in order not to forget them, please do yourself a favor and come up with something more complicated. If you are scared you will forget it, just write it down on an agenda and keep it somewhere safe you know no one will find it.

Have you been told to reset your password? Will you start using more complicated passwords from now on? We really want to know your opinion so we kindly ask you to vote in the poll and leave us a comment below.e others will implement the EU hate speech deal to ensure no hate speech cases are available on their platforms.

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