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Wireless Headphone Trends at Ifa, 2016.

New wireless headphones are about to make their big debut on the market: here there are the best new offers Wireless Headphone Trends at Ifa, 2016.

Every September, industry heavyweights gather in a technology trade show IFA, in Berlin, Germany, to display their newest inventions. This year, several companies have reinvented the wireless headphone. The trend has caught the eyes of many, even before the event has started.

The surprising bit is that the wireless headphone have been on the market for a long time. Apple, a company that hasn't even expressed any interest in joining the IFA, has showcased wireless headphones. The gadgets have become popular just for the mere fact that they have Apple's stamp of approval.

There is a rumor that Apple will reveal its next iPhone on September 7th, 2016. The rumor mill also goes ahead to speculate that the iPhone might not have Apple's iconic 3.5mm but might have newer and fresher technology.

Libratone has announced two headphones at IFA; a wireless one and a pair that lights up. Sony has also announced the MDRX-1000X, a wireless noise reduction pair. Monster has unveiled an isport wireless gym earbuds.

Griffin has a clincher, by the name Griffin itrip Clip. The itrip Clip uses Bluetooth technology and a 3.5mm jack to make the wireless headphones.

The good news about the wireless headphones technology is that you don't need an iPhone to use them. You can use the headphones on any Android device or audio device.

The wireless headphone's sound quality is much clearer, the devices are light hence portable, and their battery life is much longer.

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