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  • Gen: power pop
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 13
  • Year: 1998
Navy Blues

Musical album di Sloan

Navy Blues is the fourth album by Canadian rock band Sloan. Released on Murderecords in 1998, the album is slightly heavier than their previous albums, showing an influence from 1970s rock mixed with their usual catchy, melodic, Beatles-esque sound. The album contains arguably their most popular song, "Money City Maniacs". "Money City Maniacs" was used in a beer commercial at the time; furthermore, it became a top 10 hit in their native Canada and received heavy radio airplay. Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 She Says What She Means 03:01
2 C'mon C'mon 03:30
3 Iggy & Angus 02:49
4 Sinking Ships 04:57
5 Keep on Thinkin' 02:32
6 Money City Maniacs 03:53
7 Seems so Heavy 04:08
8 Chester the Molester 03:14
9 Stand by Me, Yeah 03:19
10 Suppose They Close the Door 03:45
11 On the Horizon 04:06
12 I Wanna Thank You 03:58
13 I'm Not Through with You Yet 03:15