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  • Gen: n.a.
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 10
  • Year: 1977
No Goodbyes

Musical album di Hall & Oates

No Goodbyes is a 1977 collection by Hall & Oates. It is a "Best of" compilation of their first three Atlantic Records recordings. No Goodbyes was released after the duo changed labels to RCA Records, and after Atlantic achieved a Top 10 hit with a re-release of "She's Gone" (included here). It contains three new songs: "Love You Like a Brother," "It's Uncanny," and "I Want to Know You for a Long Time." The latter two of these were later released on The Atlantic Collection. Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 It's Uncanny 03:43
2 I Want to Know You For A Long Time 03:20
3 Can't Stop the Music (He Played Much Too Long) 02:41
4 Love You Like A Brother 03:23
5 Las Vegas Turnaround (The Stewardess Song) 02:58
6 She's Gone 05:15
7 Lilly (Are You Happy) 04:11
8 When The Morning Comes 03:13
9 Beanie G. And the Rose Tattoo 03:02
10 70's Scenario 03:57