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  • Gen: madchester
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 11
  • Year: 2003
North Atlantic Drift

Musical album di Ocean Colour Scene

North Atlantic Drift is the sixth album by Ocean Colour Scene.The title track is political commentary on American cultural imperialism and its support by the UK government, particularly the then impending US-led invasion of Iraq, which was opposed by the majority of the British public. (OCS had shown their anti-war tendencies with the previous protest song Profit in Peace and associated with Paul Weller). Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 I Just Need Myself 03:24
2 Oh Collector 03:53
3 North Atlantic Drift 03:09
4 Golden Gate Bridge 04:09
5 Make The Deal 03:58
6 For Every Corner 03:47
7 On My Way 03:26
8 Second Hand Car 02:56
9 She's Been Writing 04:12
10 The Song Goes On 05:21
11 When Evil Comes 06:22