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  • Gen: industrial rock
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 12
  • Year: 1987
Opus Dei

Musical album di Laibach

Opus Dei is the fourth album by Laibach, released in 1987. It features "Geburt einer Nation" ("birth of a nation"), a German cover of Queen's "One Vision", and two reworkings of the Austrian band Opus' sole hit single "Live Is Life". The Opus song became the German language "Leben heißt Leben" and the English language "Opus Dei". "The Great Seal" is the national anthem of the NSK State, the lyrics taken from Churchill's speech We shall fight on the beaches. Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 Leben Heisst Leben 05:29
2 Geburt Einer Nation 04:23
3 Leben - Tod 03:58
4 F.I.A.T. 05:13
5 Opus Dei 05:04
6 Trans-National 04:28
7 How the West Was Won 04:26
8 The Great Seal 04:16
9 Herz-Felde 04:46
10 Jägerspiel 07:23
11 Koza (Skin) 03:51
12 Krst (Baptism) 05:41