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  • Gen: n.a.
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 11
  • Year: 1987

Musical album di Fischer-Z

Reveal is an album by the new wave rock band Fischer-Z. In the summer of 1981 John Watts split up with his group, Fischer-Z, on the grounds that his art could not evolve within the context of the band. Prompted by the encouragement of the well-received Fischer-Z album, Red Skies Over Paradise, Watts soon embarked on a solo career, releasing his first solo album, One More Twist (1982), followed quickly by his second, The Iceberg Model (1983). Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 The Perfect Day 04:21
2 Leave It To The Businessmen To Die Young 04:57
3 I Can't Wait That Long 04:42
4 Tallulah Tomorrow 04:37
5 Realistic Man 03:25
6 Fighting Back The Tears 04:50
7 Big Drum 03:43
8 Heartbeat 03:06
9 It Takes Love 04:07
10 So Far 04:03
11 Marguerite 03:20