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  • Gen: industrial metal
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 10
  • Year: 2007
Rio Grande Dub(ya)

Musical album di Ministry

Rio Grande Dub Ya is a remix album by industrial metal band Ministry. The album is composed of remixes from the band's 2006 album Rio Grande Blood. John Bechdel is responsible for the "Fear Is Big Business (Weapons of Mass Deception Mix)". The rest of the remixes on this album were done by Clayton Worbeck. Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 Rio Grande Blood (Rio Grande Dubya Mix) 04:12
2 Señor Peligro (La Zona Peligrosa Mix) 04:08
3 Gangreen (Kiss Me Goodnight Mix) 03:35
4 Fear Is Big Business (Weapons Of Mass Deception Mix) 03:42
5 Lieslieslies (Cognitive Dissonance Mix) 04:23
6 The Great Satan (What Would Satan Do Mix) 03:06
7 Yellow Cake (Hexafluoride Mix) 04:22
8 Palestina (72nd Virgin Mix) 05:24
9 Ass Clown (Osama McDonald Mix) 03:32
10 Khyber Pass (TX Bush Ranch Mix) 04:27