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  • Gen: n.a.
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: n.a.
  • Year: n.a.
Si Xi Lin Men Xi Ying Chun

Musical album di Twins

Si Xi Lin Men Xi Ying Chun (四囍臨門喜迎春) is the 12th CD released by Twins. It consists of 2 disc. Disc one is an EP, named A Year to Remember, for Boy'z, which has the similar style as Twins and both of them are artists from Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG). Disc 2 is specially made for the Chinese New Year. The song "Si Xi Lin Men Xi Ying Chun" (四囍臨門喜迎春) is a greeting song for the Chinese New Year, as are "Ma Bao 668" (孖寶668) and "Ni Zui Hong" (你最紅). It also contains some NG videos. Wikipedia