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  • Gen: n.a.
  • Type: Musical album
  • Tracks: 11
  • Year: 2006
The Saga of Mayflower May

Musical album di Marissa Nadler

The Saga of Mayflower May is Marissa Nadler's second full-length album, released in 2005 on US label Eclipse Records, and distributed later that year in Europe by British label Beautiful Happiness. The album followed the breakup of her relationship with her previous collaborator Myles Baer. She explained, "Heartbreak was like water to a plant for my songwriting. I hate to say it was one of the times where I was feeling the most manic and the most inspired". Wikipedia


Sample Title Time Stream
1 Under An Old Umbrella 04:13
2 The Little Famous Song 03:14
3 Mr. John Lee (Velveteen Rose) 03:34
4 Damsels In The Dark 01:37
5 Lily, Henry, And The Willow Trees 02:45
6 Yellow Lights 02:54
7 Old Love Haunts Me In The Morning 03:07
8 My Little Lark 02:54
9 In The Time Of The Lorry Low 03:04
10 Calico 03:30
11 Horses And Their Kin 04:30